Avoid Quarantine Hair Care Mistakes

While some salons have reopened and are welcoming back customers for hair care needs after months of closures, a lot of high-risk individuals and parents – overwhelmed with more responsibilities than ever – are still unable to make it to in-person appointments during business hours.

Not to mention many potential clients have been dealing with financial hardship or job loss from coronavirus, so sometimes the extra expense of a trip to the hair salon just isn’t in the cards. So whether it’s from health concerns, lack of childcare, or self-isolation, the bottom line is that a lot of us have had to take matters into our own hands when it comes to hair maintenance. Here are some common mistakes that everyone should be aware of before starting any attempts at professional styling or chemical alterations from home!


  • Bold Changes in Length or Style

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of viral haircut fail videos featuring ponytail chops and butchered bangs, so please use caution! The truth is that cutting your own hair is hard, and if waiting for a professional isn’t an option the key is to take small steps and not go overboard. If split ends are needing to be trimmed, sometimes a deep conditioner or hair mask can help take care of them until an appointment can be scheduled.

  • Over-Washing

    Maintaining hair color without a hairstylist is not an easy task for everyone. Each wash fades the color slightly, so over washing can lead to major color loss. While trying not to shampoo as much might work for some people, there are also a wide variety of color nourishing shampoos and hair treatments available to help lose less pigment each wash.

  • Bleach Overload

    Speaking of color hair care, for those that have never died their own hair, bleach mistakes can have far reaching consequences when it comes to hair health. Box dies look innocent enough, but make sure to follow all of the instructions and timing very carefully to avoid making costly mistakes. Some damage might be prevented by building up moisture before bleaching with deep conditioning, and remember painting bleach directly onto the scalp may cause chemical burns!