Become a Cosmetologist!

Pursuing a career as a cosmetologist comes with many benefits. Start your career at DuVall’s School of Cosmetology. Learn more about our admissions process, start dates, and financial aid HERE.

Flexible Schedule:

Depending on where you choose to work after school, you can create your own schedule! Freelance positions and self-employed cosmetologists usually have the most flexibility.  But being able to create a schedule around your needs and lifestyle is one of the many benefits that make a career in the beauty industry so appealing. Whether you choose to work a few days a week, strictly on weekends, or maybe just in the mornings or afternoons, most cosmetology positions allow for the flexibility to choose!

Start Quickly:

One great part about being a cosmetologist or going to beauty school is that the education requirements take far less time than traditional four-year and two-year schools. And an estheticians license requires even fewer hours than a cosmetology license! The bottom line is that you can get to work quickly when starting your beauty career.

Innovation & Change:

With every year there are new advances in technology and science that allow for better understanding and care of hair and skin. Staying on top of the latest trends and innovations, from pigment matching foundations to coloring products, styling tools, and skincare, is all part of the job for a cosmetologist!

Daily Dose of Creativity:

Whether you are a makeup artist or a hairstylist, every client is an opportunity to create a look both unique and beautiful! Taking your client from a work in progress to a polished look is always satisfying, and usually requires quick thinking. Keeping up with seasonal trends and styles is important. But using your creativity to make sure those styles look best on your client is the real responsibility and joy of being a beauty professional.

Connecting with Clients:

Meeting new people is part of the job, but great beauty industry professionals form lasting connections with clients that keep them coming back! Not only do those relationships create referrals, but also appointments for graduations, birthdays, first haircuts, weddings, and proms! Not all clients turn into lifelong connections, but when they do it can be something special.