Duvall’s School of Cosmetology recently ranked FIRST among vocational school’s nationwide offering a skin care program.  This was the first such NATIONAL ranking conducted by any publication based on data drawn from the U.S. Department of Education’s new “gainful employment” database.  According to Washington Monthly’s website, “For each program, we rank colleges according to the median earnings of their students three years after graduation. For informational purposes, we also show the median debt-to-earnings ratios, annual debt payments, estimated total debt, and outcome under the federal government’s gainful employment criteria—pass, at risk (“zone”), or fail.”  You can see more detail about how the different programs were ranked on their website, and the median annual earnings for DuVall’s graduates outpaced ALL other programs!

Washington Monthly’s College Rankings are Respected Nationwide

Washington Monthly has distinguished itself on its college rankings, and is often listed alongside (or above) the rankings from US News when colleges tout their national standing.  At DuVall’s School of Cosmetology, we were pleasantly surprised to learn of this distinction as this wasn’t an award we pursued, or even knew about until the publication was distributed.  The award is based on the real-world RESULTS of our graduates compared to the earnings of other graduates three years after graduation.

Vocational Schools Make an Impact in Today’s Marketplace

These rankings were produced based on a stated need that colleges must do a better job of defining their impact in the real world, rather than merely the impact on their own campuses.  As the drive for a college education has often marginalized vocational schools, the workforce of tomorrow is getting refocused on different types of education.  A four-year degree isn’t the solution for every high-school student in today’s new economy, and programs like those at DuVall’s School of Cosmetology will continue to thrive as more people are needed in the personal-service sector.   We’ve been studying the market, and so far, neither Amazon nor Walmart have figured out how to deliver esthetics services in a brown box!  The personal care of an expertly trained practictioner will have value for the foreseeable future.

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