Don’t let face mask requirements put a damper on your makeup routine! One thing we love about quarantine beauty are some of the creative makeup and hair trends that have taken over social media. Celebrities and influencers have been stepping up the eye makeup game thanks to face masks, and creating some colorful beauty trends. With less emphasis on lip color, highlight and contouring, the focus has shifted to dewy skin care, zoom friendly blush and bronzer, and eye makeup that pops!

Here are some of our favorite new trends to try out:


These colorful looks are blended to perfection, and on a whole new level of eye shadow creativity. There are a couple different styles that play with bold color in different ways.


All about the brightest pinks, yellows, greens and blues. These neon colors can be subtle accents or used to make a bold statement!

Lids & Lashes

Sometimes a simple color palette can create stunning visual effects. This eye shadow style focuses on two colors and long natural lashes, but can be combined with eye liner as well.


This minimalist look can really be applied with any color depending on the desired effect! Whether you choose to go bold, shimmery, or pastel, this style can work for you.


An easy way to step into this trend is to start by just extending your normal eye liner out, and experimenting with variations on a cat eye. Using bright colors, gold, white or neon can give your look an extra pop!

The idea is to let your eyes take center stage while wearing a face mask, and to have fun with color. While some of these looks might be a little wild for the grocery store, they are the perfect inspiration for creating your own new makeup trend!