When it comes to skincare trends in 2020, it’s getting personal. From finding the perfect balance of skin bacteria to a real-life makeup filter, these are some skincare products you want to know about!

Probiotic or Microbiome Skincare Trends

Maintaining bacterial homeostasis on your skin means it reflects the light better, keeps hydration in and lets products penetrate deeper. Microbiome skincare focuses on maintaining the perfect balance of bacteria specifically for your skin.

Studies have shown that lack of skin bacteria can be caused by harsh hygiene products. Over exfoliating, use of lathering soaps with antibacterial properties, and the use of topical antibiotics can all disrupt your skin’s natural microbiome. The result? Possible skin rashes like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff, and acne. Adding bacteria to the skin and using products to gently maintain a microbiome balance seems essential to great skin health.


Precise Makeup Application Technology

The Opté Precision Skincare System is a gadget that can detect the color and pigmentation of your skin, spot blemishes, and precisely apply tiny jets of the exact right color makeup to those blemishes, without affecting the rest of your skin at all. It is set to come out in 2020 and as developed by Proctor and Gamble. According to a recent press release, the wand is really a fancy handheld inkjet, like a thermal printer but with 120 nozzles, and a camera that captures over 200 pictures of your skin per second, depositing 1 billionth of a liter of makeup on each skin spot it detects. The future is now people – a real-life beauty filter.


Skin Monitoring Technology

There are even apps and software dedicated to evaluating whether your skincare products and routine are working. HiMirror is a system developed to asses skin condition and make the best use of existing skincare products. Using experiences from skincare product users as well as scientific analysis and top dermatologists, HiMirror provides tips and recommendations for products that have worked for people with similar skin types and environments. Data is gathered through an anonymous cloud-based data system.