Choosing A Cosmetology School

When 29 million viewers watched worldwide acclaimed actress Julia Roberts walk onto the stage of the 2019 scar Award Ceremony, they marveled at her beauty.  Great credit goes to her Cosmetologist – Serge Normant.  His career began like all of yours … learning the art of enhancing the natural beauty of all women!    Those who are inspired to a career in Cosmetology, Where Do You Start?

Your First Step – Choosing A School. 

Yes, choosing a school is difficult but your main objective is to learn cosmetology and START your career.   Although DFW is far away from Paris, France where Serge learned his trade, you will be taught the same steps to Cosmetology success at Duvall School of Cosmetology.     There are so many criteria for deciding which school you should attend, but the one that should be at the very top – Passing the State Board Exam.

If you don’t pass, you don’t have credibility.

Where does Duvall stand with graduates passing their exam?  One hundred percent – yes, 100% of those who have graduated from Duvall and sat for their test have passed their State Board Exam!

Next On Your List For Choosing …  Your Classes

Fun Atmosphere

… it’s so much easier when school is fun and everything is designed for your success.  Financial Aid packages, student-teacher interaction, local sponsors, and business setup training are all part of what sets Duvall apart from other schools.  Just click HERE to read Maddie Baugh … “the atmosphere is fun and exciting…”  on  Students/Alumni for comments from students and graduates!

3rd Reason For Choosing Duvall …

Getting A Job

Local Connections … Duvall has had great success at landing graduates in local salons and connecting them with other Duvall graduates.  Click HERE to read about Michelle McDonald’s experience.

Networking … isn’t hard when you have a large number of Duvall graduates in the area and local sponsors who have come to expect Duvall quality

Post Graduate Follow-Ups … where you have a Duvall connection to talk through the challenges and celebrate the victories!

Finally, Choosing Duvall for Results That Mean Something

Results and Confidence – Preparation for the State Board Exam.    Duvall prepares you for that last all-important step.      You pay the tuition, you do the work, you are guided by teachers and you pass the exam.  Click HERE for Brianna Berry’s success!   It just isn’t as hard when you know that 100% of those who have gone before you ended up passing the exam.   Choosing Duvall gives you  Confidence that you will persevere and jump start your Cosmetology Career!