Winter weather can create some problems when it comes to keeping your hair healthy for the holidays. Cold air can make your hair feel dry and brittle, and the dehydration it causes can lead to more breakage. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are trying to develop your winter hair routine!

Keep it covered

Hats can do more than just keep your head warm in the winter, they also help protect your hair from the harsh and damaging elements. Just remember that materials that build up static aren’t the best option for a winter head covering for healthy hair.

Use Less Shampoo

Most shampoos tend to strip your hair of natural oils and moisture, and in an already dry winter climate, over-shampooing can make hair very dry. Reducing the usual amount of times you shampoo your hair each week is a good idea in the winter!

Use More Conditioner

Spending more time conditioning your hair in the winter can help put moisture back into your hair during the harsh temperatures and climate. Even if you aren’t washing your hair, conditioning it while your in the shower can help. Deep conditioning or lean-in treatments are also a great way to help retain as much moisture as possible in your hair.

Keep Temperatures Reasonable

For some reason its so satisfying to a super hot shower in the winter, but unfortunately it can be terrible for your hair and skin. Extreme water temperatures can make sure hair lose moisture, which is why lukewarm water is recommended. 

Make Sure Your Hair is Dry

In the winter, leaving the house with wet hair doesn’t just mean you might be cold, it can also make you more vulnerable to damage and moisture loss. Plus the water in your wet hair could actually freeze depending on the temperature outside!

Winter can be rough on your hair for sure, but a few updates to your normal routine can help keep hair happy and heathy all season long! Just pay attention to moisture, and keep some conditioning treatments on hand.